P.S. Because of the crime I DID commit, I am not allow to engage with minors. 
I can not do facebook, twitter or any social media. That is why I can not allow just 
anyone I don't know blog/respond on this website or to respond if I do not know you.

Seeing Our Situations

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This will scare people!!! Must read!!!

Posted on April 18, 2016 at 10:15 AM

So I have been doing some new studies and I get it. Brain studies (and look at the frontal cortex of the brain.) What you are seeing is that LACK of brain activity.   :-(   So what you will be looking at is current information over many people who have studied the brain, the impact on the brain's way to think, process information and seeing where a person may be at in their lives. The ability to make healthy decisions. This includes if a person can logically and mindfully tell if they are at risk or if they are putting the other person at risk. This looks bad.

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How much porn is in your life? Do you live in a culture where sex sells all around you? Are you affected? Only you can tell, you can you?

Are you stress out alot and need to drink? Smoke? Coffee for a kickstart?

VIOLENCE: behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.

(being real or just acting)

Do you live around violence, sex or drugs? How much violence or sex do you watch on tv? Do you live in a culture where violance, sex or alcohol sells or is a form of entertainment?


So my point, why is sexual abuse/offending still going on and growing? Why are so many good people changing their thinking behaviors over time? DO YOU GET IT?!? Where these thinking behavors can lead you? One more question? What are questionable desires to you?

I also want you to look up this information for yourself. It will raise your awareness and get that brain of your engaging again. This is a good thing. Don't be scared, Be aware. And all this can be undone over time. Their have been many, many any times in prison where I heard " I can't believe I was doing that back them." The one good thing about prison is that I will separate the person from the habit and other stimulations. Also, you need to be mindful and careful of dangerous situations. This kicks in the frontal cortex of the brain. So over a few years, they are more closer to normal activity in the brain. When they look back, when I looked back at the crime I committed, I was shocked. I could not believe I did that. I didn't even know how I even started back then. I DO NOW!!! This is why I start this nonprofit.

How can the person (now) do the crime back then? I couldn't, I am a different person now. My Brain, mindfullyness and awareness are fully engaged. I do daily focuses and exercises to keep them engaged. Not back in the day when I was focus on sex ( and my past weekness anime porn every day.)   :-(   But to note that I also did other things that lead up to my hurtful behavior.  

One more thing, I have studied and invented a brain exercise that I have found that will engage the whole brain (especially the frontal cortex) over a month instead of over years. I will share this information as soon as I post it on open public patent site, so no one can charge huge amounts of money for this process. Give me about a month to study and post safely. It will blow you away and I want it to be tested to see if my facts are true.

S.O.S.  :-)

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