P.S. Because of the crime I DID commit, I am not allow to engage with minors. 
I can not do facebook, twitter or any social media. That is why I can not allow just 
anyone I don't know blog/respond on this website or to respond if I do not know you.

Seeing Our Situations

S.O.S. Commuinty starts here   :)

So what are we about...

(so we don't go to a war rally to stop war, we go to a peace rally.)

So our way to reduce and  someday end sexual abuse/offending is not to declare war against it (and give it all that energy,) it is too focus on...

Raising consciousness, awareness, education, healing, wholeness and reconnecting to spirit. (what ever that might be to you.) 

Learning about the BRAIN,(the conscious [left brain] and the subconscious [right brain]  how it is working or not working for you. And what the hell has been influencing your brain?!? 

What NEEDS are trying to be met and how we can meet them in a healthier way. 

Where to start will be the hardest thing to explain everything I have been researching. So why is there such a growth in sexual abuse/offending across the scale? It is the environment that we had allowed to grow around us through profit and what sells the most. ( like sex, sexy women and sexy things) 

All the hormones they put in all our meats which research has shown has contributed to rapid child development of their bodies and sexual emotions.

A leadership who carry fake masks and only will tell you faults promises to get voted in.  We all know (them and us) that they hold secrets, because that they are secretly helping themselves to what will make them the most happy and will never tell you. (instant gratification)

Sexual offender behaviors do the same thing, their government leadership are leading the example in keeping secrets, miss leading the people, get what you can and who cares to what happens to the people, they will pay for it through taxes,

( getting their needs met through hurtful ways) 

If you have the money and or the power, you can hide or deny anything.

This is only a part, a huge part, but only a part of the problem. 

This is why raising consciousness, awareness, education, healing, wholeness and reconnecting to spirit is so important.