P.S. Because of the crime I DID commit, I am not allow to engage with minors. 
I can not do facebook, twitter or any social media. That is why I can not allow just 
anyone I don't know blog/respond on this website or to respond if I do not know you.

Seeing Our Situations

S.O.S. Commuinty starts here   :)

(1) To be the world wide conversation on sexual abuse.

The reason sexual abuse is here is we are not bringing enough light in. The first question is why is (sexual abuse, offending, rape) growing and what is feeding the growth. People are not born this way!!! No baby is born wanting to abuse. But now our youngest adjudicated by the courts sex offender are now only 6 years old.

So what happened? Where in their lives did they learn abuse? Where did the learn that in their model of the world that it was o.k. to sexual abuse? Over 90% of your learned information comes from outside of yourself hitting your conscious, subconscious and unconscious. 

So I would like to put out there to bring into the light all the (things) that could be conditioning and influencing us. 

Why is this so important? No sex offender standing in front of the judge understands what lead them to sexual offending.

Still working on this page.