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Seeing Our Situations

S.O.S. Commuinty starts here   :)


The first priority is looking for people who want to create a new form of a reality program that will bring new light and understanding to why sexual offending is the second fastest epidemic next to drug use. 
Let create healing and understanding to reduce sexual offending.
S.O.S. (See Our Situations) is a private organization.

So why will people want to watch this reality program?

First and fore most, it will have real drama, the kind that will make you cry, that will question everything that you thought you knew. There is also a healing factor that will also make you cry and take your breathe away. 

This program will answer a lot of those (no one wanted to ask) questions, skills and understandings to not only to protect themselves and there families, but protect them from becoming an abuser.  Because over 90% of sexual abuse/offending are done by people you trusted, loved and were met to protect you. Until you understand that there are records that six years old are offending and were adjudicate, the huge climb in both minor and women sexual offenders, so can we say that there is something terribly going wrong here. 

So what will be the focus that will make you and your views want to watch and become believers? In this, I will ask you a question that arises in every person after they just got done sexual offending the victim, why did I just do that?!? Sometimes it is conscious, sometimes it is subconscious, sometimes it is both.

So why do you think they did that (that being sexual offending), I asked that same question for the longest time, and to get that answer, I needed to take responsibility and accountability for what I have done. And I have found for another to take responsibility and accountability, They need to see what accounted in there life that allow them to (CHOOSE) yes, it is o.k. to step over this boundary. But we will have to play this very strategically so that it does not cause excuse, to blame shift or to help minimize.

Now you and your viewers want to know what was it (meeting their need for drama and understanding) and how do we stop the pain and the harm that comes with it. (Meeting their need for wonder, awe, healing and many from of closure and satisfaction.)

I have talked with and work with both survivors and former offenders,

BOTH SIDES want the offending to stop, but this does not account for everybody, just the majority.

                                    ( Old stuff of old work and still revamping)

Mission statement: To reduce sexual offending and recidivism by creating a safe and open place that bridges the gaps in communications and allows people to get the help and support needed to recognize behaviors before offending. 

Don't be afraid...BECOME AWARE.

S.O.S. is a call for support.

So what is our approach and focus?

Healing and a raise in consciousness. A social healing, a community healing, a victim/survivor healing, and esa abuser/offender healing. WHY??? Because over 90% of sexual abuse/offending are done by people you trusted, love and were met to protect you.

These are not strangers which would be easy to disconnect from and hate. This is why this is so sensitive, so challenging and so hard to talk about. Sense I started this nonprofit, I have talked to people from both sides of the sexual offending. (mostly survivor) Everyone is asking for healing and away to stop others falling into this hurtful, painful cycle from being a victim or a offender. ( And I as a former sexual abuser/offender, will help anybody from falling into the cycles of an offender/abuser.) It's a painfully hard road to travel for help, healing, reconnection and growth.

Our Approach

First, there is a lot you can do before the sexual abuse begins!!! Communication it the key.

Addressing the (thoughts) of questionable desires from becoming the (actions) of offending. This means open lanes of communications in what ever area a person may be struggling in. You WANT a person to talk about any problems they may have, looking for help and support is good. Everyone does better in life when facing problems with support so they are not stuck by themselves facing problems that can fester and lead to more harm. 

Also, it is about the functions of the brain. A person who has the abilities to clearly describe their struggles to someone engages other part of the brain. We want this!!! The part to solve problems, the part in seeing different perspectives depending on the support they receive back, the parts which allow them to hold self reflection through deep thought explaining the problems to someone. This gives them the ability to reflect and solve their own problems and gives them that eureka moment where they feel motivated to make changes and sticking to them.

(A final note.) When a questionable desire pops in the beginning, this is new to most people. It can hit you at any age.  Pushing these thoughts, feeling and images down, suppressing them, or trying to bury them in the back of the mind and covering them up, does not help just like acting on them does not help!!! 

(1) Instead, ask your self, what need is this trying to meet? 

(2) When did this need become missing  in my life that I am looking at it here, now?

(3)  How were my needs being met in the past before these questionable desires came up?

(4) If I am going to meet this need now, is there any harm will it cause me or to others?

(5) How can I meet these need in a safe & healthy way

(6) Can I meet these needs from inside myself?

(7) Who is a safe person to talk to who will hear me and support me in healthy choices

P.S. If you get a chance, SEE ME BLOG, I have been working on it. I have also  placed my favorite TEDX talks on each webpage.

According to the most recent major study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (2004), where 9,700 sex offenders were tracked, only 7% of such crimes against children were perpetrated by strangers. The majority (93%) of molestations of children are not committed by strangers but by people who are known and trusted within or about the family.