P.S. Because of the crime I DID commit, I am not allow to engage with minors. 
I can not do facebook, twitter or any social media. That is why I can not allow just 
anyone I don't know blog/respond on this website or to respond if I do not know you.

Seeing Our Situations

S.O.S. Commuinty starts here   :)

5 of the hardest questions you will ever be ask!!!

(1) How would you feel when you know you are looking at a sexually abused child?

(hold that for a few seconds).....

(2) How would you feel if you were sexually abuse.

(hold that for a few seconds).....

(3) How would you feel if YOU were the one that sexually abused that child?

(hold that for a few seconds).....

Would you cry, scream out at life, be angry all the time, would you pretend normal and act as it never happen? would you try to cover it up? try to have that quiet uncomfortable talk with that child? Hate your self, Blame your self? Sometimes even hurt yourself or just end it all ?!? 

(4) How old were you when you learn from your world that it was o.k. to sexually abuse? When you learned this, did you have anyone to turn too?

(5) Will you be that person that we could turn too? Will you hold space for us, hear us so we can hear ourselves? Help be part of our influence and foundation so that I am not alone loosing my power to just a thought?

I am calling upon all people who believe in the power of love, miracles, healing and transformation. Who have the power to hear and create space for the abused and the abusers. Who are not afraid to ask when they see something wrong or a little odd and open to being wrong and hold when in the right. People team up with other people to support and come in numbers when needed.

Who will you be and how will this world look like when we create sexual mutuality and equality that ends sexual abuse and rape.

Will you help me?